February 2020

January 2020

Hire a Wedding Pianist for your Wedding.

Are you thinking about hiring a pianist for your wedding in England, Scotland or Wales? Each wedding pianist has been carefully auditioned and hand-picked by James and Nina (owners of PianoDJ) This will take a [...]

December 2019

The History of Hip Hop

The early days The seeds of Hip Hop were first sown during the early 70s by DJs such as Cool Herc in the Bronx, U.S.A. DJs would play parties with twin turntables and soon realised [...]

October 2019

Can anyone learn to play an instrument?

It’s a question we’ve all pondered over at some point or another: should I learn to play an instrument? For some people, musical talent seems to come naturally, while for others, the word ‘tonedeaf’ might [...]

June 2019

Eternal Atake and Where Lil Uzi is At

Bad label contracts in the music industry is as old as music since it could start making money. To this day artist still forget the greed label companies possess when signing onto a contract. Lil [...]

September 2018