Bad label contracts in the music industry is as old as music since it could start making money. To this day artist still forget the greed label companies possess when signing onto a contract. Lil Uzi Vert a Philadelphia native rapper has topped the charts with hits like XO Tour Lif3 and while that song has generated a whopping 5 million dollars in revenue Uzi himself got to only bring home 2 million. This disparity is rampart throughout the music industry as the labels in most cases fairly take credit for promotion of the artist, his singles, albums and tours while the artist gets to make music and bask in the glory. The artist makes himself and is the one to attract a fa base but the label often puts them in a position where there actually are in front of audiences. It’s a tricky trade off with most artist after ‘making it’ growing salty towards their label for taking from their final cut.

Lil Uzi Vert is most likely in this situation with his last album Luv is Rage 2 dropping in 2017 and no studio album since. Singles have been rare and even guest verses were denied by his label but now his label has given him permission to drop Enternal Atake it is still absent from fan’s library. Uzi is most likely using this to drum up attention and hype for his album. It was only earlier this year he made multiple posts on Instagram claiming he was completely done with music and that he was going to go back to the 2013 version of himself. He claimed he deleted his whole hard drive and fans expected were shocked by the sudden and explosive decision. Uzi tried for months to drop Eternal Atake, we already know all the cover art for it but it still hasn’t hit our shelves. This was most likely an honest expression of his anger with the situation but fast forward to now, he has full permission to drop albums and still has not.

Multiple singles have been recently released by him so either he was being truthful when he deleted his whole hard drive or he still refuses to release Eternal Atake. Either way it sucks for all Lil Uzi fans as we have been waiting patiently for his studio album return. Not as sucky as what Uzi went through but in the end he has a full house studio kitted out by the best music-electrician experts.