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Music is something which is very dear to us. We all love music, and there is always something for everyone. Above all the music and other things, there are some hot news which is happening in the music industry and the following are some of those.

Machine gun Kelly got booed on stage as he rapped his Eminem diss song:

The world was taken back when machine gun Kelly dissed the greatest rapper of all time. Eminem recently released a new surprising album kill shot where he dissed many rappers. The album had many brilliant lines but it did put a lot of rappers down and one among those was Machine Gun Kelly who went on to release a Eminem diss: the rap devil. MGK was reportedly booed while performing his Eminem diss track on the fall out boy concert.

The audience who saw this live are constantly commenting on social media. The crowd booed him off stage as he swore about Eminem on the stage. Now we clearly know who no to diss.

Taylor Swift has got a restraining order on a stalker:

It is reported that the stalker has told that he is the soulmate of Taylor Swift and that he wants to rape her. He has also said that he will not hesitate to kill her and there is nothing her lawyers can do about it. The lawyers are pretty much worried about the entire thing as they think that the stalker might actually go ahead and complete his threats.


Selena Gomez is happy to sing for a Bollywood film:

When Selena Gomez was asked if she would be willing to sing for a Bollywood film, she said that she would be happy to do it. She is quite popular for making hits like “Come and get it,” “Back to you,” “Bad liar,” “Wolves” etc.

shalina Gomez


Ariana Grande remembers her ex-boyfriend:

The rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his apartment this September, and he used to date Ariana Grande. The couple broke up a few months back, and due to a drug overdose, Mac Miller passed away. Grande was blamed for the same, but there is pretty much nothing she could have done about it. She recently shared a black and white picture of the couple without any caption.

Elton John plays a tribute to Mac Miller:

Elton John, the veteran singer, pays his tribute to the rapper by dedicating a song named don’t let the Sun Go Down on Me. He said that he couldn’t believe that a man so young had to pass away so soon. He added, “Mac wherever you are now, I hope you are happy.” If you’re ever feeling depressed or suicidal then there are a lot of professional agency that can help with support. Also visiting your local home doctor can point you in the right direction

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might get married the coming week:

The couple showed up at the courthouse last after arriving in a luxury stretch limousine, and they were taken to the executive offices for VIP treatment.

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